Bons plans high-tech 28-09-2022

The good high-tech plans of September 28, 2022

The French Days are over and I haven’t taken the time to share many offers with you… But it’s never too late because there are still offers available! Here is the selection of good high-tech plans for this Wednesday, September 28, 2022!

Amazon Music Unlimited: 4 months free

Usually there is 1 month free on Amazon Music Unlimited service. This time, it is possible to enjoy the audio streaming service for 4 months for free. Offer reserved for new subscribers, which you can cancel at any time! Amazon Music Unlimited is an alternative to Spotify, Deezer, etc.

USB key – SanDisk Ultra Luxe – 128 GB – Dual USB-A + USB-C connectors

Bon plan - Clé USB - SanDisk Ultra Luxe - 128 Go

Bluetooth headset – Corsair HS70 – PC and console compatible

Good deal - Bluetooth headphones - Corsair HS70

SSD NVMe – Crucial P3 – 1 To – PCIe 3.0

Bon plan - SSD NVMe - Crucial P3

Switch Gigabit manageable – TP-Link TL-SG105E – 5 ports – Format compact

Bon plan - TP-Link TL-SG105E

Dongle USB Bluetooth 4.0 – TP-Link UB400

Bon plan - TP-Link UB400

Camera + video doorbell – Blink Outdoor + Blink Video Doorbell

Bon plan - Blink Outdoor - Blink Video Doorbell

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