Cyberattaque - Jules et BZB

The Jules and BZB brands impacted by a cyberattack!

At the moment, it’s a real festival: cyberattacks are linked and major companies are paying the price. Today, it is the ready-to-wear brands Jules and BZB (Bizbee) that are impacted!

As the LeMagIT site points out, the e-commerce sites of Jules and BZB evoke a simple maintenance operation. At Jules, we have a page with the title “Site under maintenance“, and at BZB, it’s the same with a headline “Our site is getting a makeover“. Just by looking at the design of the maintenance page, we feel that it was put in place in an emergency… Here is an overview.

Cyberattack Jules

BZB cyberattack (Bizbee)

And for good reason, still according to the journalists of the LeMagIT site, who took the time to contact some shops of the brands concerned, it is not really a planned maintenance: both brands are victims of a computer attack ! This attack would have occurred on the night of September 28 to 29, 2022, which had the immediate impact of making business services unavailable: no longer possible to place orders, no more restocking in stores, etc…

Anyway, the fact that these two brands are affected at the same time is probably no coincidence: they belong to the FashionCube group. The other brands of the group do not seem to be affected, because the sites are working. These include Pimkie, Rouge Gorge and Grain de Malice. Right now, the CGI teams must be on the bridge, because it is this company which is in charge of the management of the IT systems of the FashionCube group.

Cyberattack: Camaïeu in compulsory liquidation

In June 2021it was the Camaïeu brand that suffered a computer attack. Result, for a week, the website had been unavailable. A few days ago, Camaïeu was placed in compulsory liquidation : already in financial difficulties at the time, this computer attack certainly did not help matters.

For the moment, there is no official information about this cyberattack which affects Jules and BZB. When there is something new, the article will be updated.

Good luck to the teams!



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