Arcep - Numéros 06 et 07 pour les particuliers

the numbers in 06 and 07 reserved for individuals!

In terms of mobile phones, there will be a big change! Indeed, Arcep has just announced that telephone numbers that begin with 06 and 07 will be reserved for individuals! The objective is to strengthen the fight against scams and untimely cold calling.

Arcep is the telecommunications regulator in France and the organization has just announced a new measure which is part of the law of November 15, 2021, the objective of which is to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology in France. . Thereby, from January 1, 2023, telephone numbers that begin with 06 and 07 will be reserved for individuals. In other words, only individuals will be authorized to use these numbers!

In his official statementArcep specifies: “For the sake of clarity for subscribers, the Authority reserves the use of mobile numbers in 06 and 07 – durably attached to a user in the minds of all – exclusively for interpersonal communications services. It thus associates this type of number with the compulsory provision by operators of at least one voice call and message service.

Thus, when a company or a call center wishes to reach an individual, the call must be made from a number beginning with “09”. This is also the case for parcel deliverers, as Arcep points out: “These numbers could, for example, be used to establish conversations by message between a brand and its customer, or for very short-term use of telephone numbers for certain situations of ephemeral contact via a platform (parcel deliverers, VTC drivers , etc.)”.

Beyond the protection aspect and the desire to fight against scams, Arcep specifies that this measure is also a way ofavoid a shortage of 10-digit mobile numbersthanks to the introduction of this new “09” numbering for mobiles.

The idea is not bad, because just by seeing the number we can know if it is an individual or a company that is at the origin of the call. However, it remains to be seen how this assignment of numbers will be respected by everyone, and how this will be controlled. What also surprises me is the decision to use “09” when it is already used by individuals for landline telephones on Internet Boxes.


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