Cyberattaque - Mairie de Chaville

The Town Hall of Chaville victim of the Cuba ransomware!

Russian cybercriminals have managed to compromise the information system of the Town Hall of Chaville, a town located in the Hauts-de-Seine. What happened ? Who is behind this attack?

It was on the night of Friday 14 to Saturday 15 October 2022 that this computer attack took place. According to Florence Cuzacq-LecroartDirector General of City Services: “From Saturday morning, agents tried to connect to the servers, but it was impossible”. This Tuesday, some services are still unavailable, including email. Another service called “Family Portal” is also offline.

In general, this attack impacts the daily lives of employees who must adapt and work differently. On the official Twitter account of the Town Hall of Chaville, we can read: “Municipal services are currently experiencing a severe paralysis of their activity“. It is important to be patient while the technical teams restore the services and identify the origin of this security incident.

The cybercriminals behind this attack are Russian and it is the Cuba Ransomware group! Contrary to the name which suggests a different origin, it is indeed a Russian group. The attack was claimed on the site of the Cuba Ransomware group. Obviously, on this same site accessible via the darknet, hackers have posted confidential data corresponding to City Hall contractsas well as the budget, bank transfers, or source code.

Recently, the Town Hall of Caen and the Department of Seine-Maritime also suffered a major cyberattack. Moreover, concerning the Town Hall of Caen, the worst could have been avoided thanks to the EDR of HarfangLab as specified by David Cauvin, CISO of Caen, on the site LeMagIT. Add to that the various hospitals victims of cyberattacks and we can clearly speak of a carnage!

Good luck to the technical teams!



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