This unofficial WhatsApp app is stealing your account!

This unofficial WhatsApp app is stealing your account!

A new unofficial version of WhatsApp, named YoWhatsApp and fully operational, is having fun stealing access keys to WhatsApp accounts.

YoWhatsApp application is a messaging application similar to WhatsApp, which uses the same permissions as the official application used by billions of users around the world. To promote YoWhatsApp application, from the ad is shown on other Android apps notably, Snaptube and Vidmate. To encourage users to install it, the developers have added additional functions vis-à-vis WhatsApp, in particular to customize the interface or protect access to conversations. What attract some users.

Nevertheless, Kaspersky analysts made a discovery in YoWhatsApp v2.22.11.75: the application steals the user’s WhatsApp keys, which allows cybercriminals behind YoWhatsApp application to control users WhatsApp account! They made this discovery while investigating the Triada trojan, which is hidden in a modified version of WhatsApp called FMWhatsApp.

Example - YoWhatsapp

According to Kaspersky, the application retrieves the user’s WhatsApp keys in order to send them to a remote server. This has no interest for the proper functioning of the application itself, so it is an action carried out for malicious purposes. Although Kaspersky did not indicate whether these stolen access keys were used to carry out malicious actions, it cannot be excluded. Cybercriminals can take control of accounts and thus impersonate the person by contacting their usual contacts.

To stop the spread of this malicious campaign, Kaspersky has contacted Snaptube: the necessary should be done soon. In the same spirit as YoWhatsApp, there is also the WhatsApp Plus application which has the same malicious functions!

In summary, stick to the official WhatsApp app and don’t be fooled by these alternatives. If you want a serious alternative, turn to the French application Olvid, or otherwise to Signal.



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