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The publisher VMware has unveiled the new major versions of its virtualization software for client workstations: VMware Workstation Pro 17 and VMware Workstation Player 17! Let’s take a look at what’s new.

As a reminder, VMware Workstation Pro 17 is the commercial version which involves the purchase of a license while VMware Workstation Player 17 is the free version. The VMware Workstation Pro license is sold for 199.16 euros (currently at 139.41 euros for launch), while the upgrade is billed at 99.16 euros. For this retail edition, a 30-day trial version can be downloaded from VMware official website.

New guest operating systems supported

In the list of systems natively supported by VMware Workstation 17, there is now Windows 11! Thus, it is possible toinstall Windows 11 in a VM whether on a Linux or Windows host. It was already possible, but for it to be supported natively, VMware has improved its vTPM module and added support for VM encryption functions to Workstation Player. Otherwise, Windows Server 2022 is also supported.

On the Linux side, VMware has added the following guest systems:

  • Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.10
  • Debian 11.5 et Debian 12,
  • Fedora 37 and Fedora 36,
  • RHEL 9
  • FreeBSD 12 et FreeBSD 13

What’s new in VMware Workstation 17

Beyond the new supported OSes, here’s what’s new in VMware Workstation 17.

  • Automatic start of VMs : When the host system starts, VMware Workstation can automatically start some VMs.
  • Fast encryption : In addition to being able to completely encrypt virtual machines, VMware has introduced fast encryption to provide optimal performance for VMs that use a vTPM module.
  • Graphics support OpenGL 4.3
  • vctl command line for running and building containers and Kubernetes clusters

The official announcement is available at le site de VMware. Recently, there is also VirtualBox 7.0 which was released!

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