FranceConnect x France Identité

what does it change ?

A few days ago, the government made an interesting announcement about FranceConnect: support for the France Identity application, directly linked to the French identity card. What does it change ? Let’s do a check in.

As a reminder, FranceConnect is a device made available by the government to allow users to easily authenticate on different public services (as well as on certain external services). For example, a user can authenticate on the Améli site through his tax account, thanks to FranceConnect.

From now on, FranceConnect will accept a new authentication method: France Identity. Through a press release, the government made this announcement:As of November 21, 2022, the France Identity application becomes an identity provider within FranceConnect“. For those who do not know France Identity, it is an official application made available by the government which aims tointegrate the data of his identity card on his smartphone.

In terms of authentication, what does it change? Well, in comparison to authentication through a couple”username + password“, the France Identity service is more secure. Indeed, there is no longer a user name since it is replaced by the identity card in digital format ! The government states:Thanks to the France Identity application, you no longer need a username and password, the identity card and the six-digit personal code replace them.” – The personal code acts as a second authentication factor, and it is activated by default. In the event that there are three unsuccessful connection attempts, the card is blocked and you must verify your identity again to unblock it .

The bad news is that you must have a “new generation” identity card (credit card format with a chip) in order to be able to use the France Identity application, and therefore by extension, this new method of authentication. Then, it seems quite simple in practice as this procedure published by the government proves:

  • Click on the France Connect button and choose the option “Connect using my identity card”.
  • Scan a QR code from their France Identity mobile application and consent to the sending of their personal information. NB: If the connection takes place from the mobile, the user will just have to click on “Open the application”.
  • Enter your personal code and read your contactless identity card




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