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what is the Helpful Content Update?

For several months, Google has been trying to improve the algorithm of its search engine in order to highlight good quality content. As always, modifying this algorithm can impact the natural referencing of your website, positively or negatively, depending on Google’s decisions and the content of your site.

Several times a year, Google performs what are called “Core Update“, that is to say updates to the algorithm at the heart of its search engine. These changes are to be followed closely, as this can influence the positioning of your site in the search engine results: a top page of today can find itself demoted by several positions following an update of the algorithm. It is following this kind of unpleasant surprises that one can feel the need to be helped by doing use an SEO agency, such as the Caen agency Zaacom (

This year, Google made a first Core Update in May 2022then one second in September 2022. The deployment of this latest update has been completed for a few days. In the meantime, Google has also rolled out the update”Helpful Content Update“.

What is the Helpful Content Update?

Billions of pages are referenced on Google, and every day new pages are added to Google’s index. Thus, they are likely to be offered to a user when he performs a search. Nevertheless, in this content, there is good and less good, quality content that provides real information to the user, and content that is more there to generate clicks, with no real interest in the end for the reader. .

Google is well aware of this phenomenon and has decided to take a close interest in this issue. This is explained by the Helpful Content Update which aims to highlight good quality content. Google’s goal is to prioritize content created by and for peopleet authentic contentbecause yes, there are now tools capable of generate articles based on artificial intelligence. Ultimately, Google hopes to reduce low-quality content so that its search engine returns useful articles.

In summary, it can be said that Helpful Content Update is Google’s answer for fight automated content and spam.

Google: September 2022 Core Update

According to SEO experts, the Helpful Content Update had a relatively low impact. At the same time, the Google teams were talking about a follow-up to this first update: it could be the September 2022 Core Update. Finally, the combination of these two successive updates could allow Google to relegate to the background the content of lesser quality.

For the moment, we must remain patient, because we are at the end of September 2022: the update was released on September 12, 2022 and it takes 2 weeks for it to be deployed, so as much to say that the deployment has recently ended . Now we have to wait to take a step back and see the real impact of this update, which anyway will not be the last.

As usual, and to help you assess the quality of your content, Google has compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself. Here are some examples :

  • Does your content provide genuinely useful and interesting information?
  • If your content is based on other sources, have you simply copied or reformulated it, or have you brought added value and a touch of originality?
  • Does the title clearly summarize the content of the page?
  • Does the page title use appropriate, non-offensive language?
  • Is this the kind of page you would like to bookmark, share with a friend or recommend?
  • Could this content appear in a magazine, encyclopedia or hard copy book?
  • Etc…

If you do not have a specific SEO analysis tool, you can, at a minimum, follow the evolution of your traffic coming from Google from the Google Search Console.


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