Nouveautés VirtualBox 7.0

What’s new ?

Oracle has released a major new version of its hypervisor for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Indeed, since Monday, October 10, VirtualBox 7.0 is available for download! What’s new ?

Encryption of VirtualBox VMs

One of the main novelties of this version is the possibility of being able to fully encrypt your virtual machines, including configuration logs and saved status. For now, you have to rely on the command line to encrypt a virtual machine. However, this should be integrated into the GUI of the software later.

Secure Boot and vTPM support

From now on, VirtualBox supports Secure Boot, which adds an extra layer of security to VMs. This feature is used in particular by Windows operating systems. For example, it is a prerequisite for installing Windows 11. Other Windows 11 prerequisite also supported by VirtualBox: vTPM 2.0 (as well as vTPM 1.2). Again, a safety-oriented novelty.

Resource Monitoring

VirtualBox 7 includes a new tool to monitor resource usage in real time. Several metrics are integrated: CPU, RAM, disk I/O, and network usage.

The other changes

  • Graphics: Improved 3D support, allowing DirectX 11 support on Windows and DXVK on other systems
  • Audio: new audio codec for recordings, named Vorbis
  • Improved mouse handling in multi-monitor setups.
  • Oracle Cloud (OCI) virtual machines can be added and managed from VirtualBox
  • macOS: VirtualBox relies on Apple frameworks instead of kernel extensions to improve support
  • macOS: support for Apple chips (example: Apple M1) remains experimental
  • Etc.

It should be noted that VirtualBox 6.1 remains supported until December 2023. For new users, it is more interesting to install VirtualBox 7 directly! 🙂

All the new features are visible on the “changelog” page of VirtualBox 7: Changelog VirtualBox 7.

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