Quel navigateur est le plus respectueux de votre vie privée

which browser is the most respectful?

The PrivacyTests site has put online a very interesting comparison of web browsers which answers several questions: which browser best respects your privacy? Conversely, what is the least respectful browser?

Even before taking notice, we already know more or less the trend for certain browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, on the browser market there are many alternatives, each with advantages and disadvantages. Privacy is still a burning question, but PrivacyTests.org has attempted to provide an objective answer.

Launched in 2021, the PrivacyTests.org site is the work of Arthur Edelstein, now employed at Brave to deal with privacy issues. He assures that the fact that he is an employee at Brave does not influence the results of these various tests. This site and his current employment make it clear that Arthur Edelstein is a strong advocate for online privacy and confidentiality.

So, who is the big winner of this test?

For these desktop browser tests, the PrivacyTests site screened 10 different browsers, here is the list: Brave, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Librewolf, Opera, Safari, Tor, Ungoogled and Vivaldi. Personally, I didn’t even know Librewolf and Ungoogled browsers. For the mobile part, other browsers are tested like DuckDuckGo, Yandex, etc.

The tests are organized into several categories, including the storing information on diskthe fingerprint resistance (a technique used by trackers to uniquely identify you as you browse the web), blocking tracking parameters in URLs (example of “fbclickd” on Facebook), the blocking of in-content trackersor the blocking cookies.

As far as privacy is concerned, it is the most respectful Brave browser ! He is followed by Librewolf, Tor, Firefox then Safari. Here’s to the good students.

As for the bad pupils, and goods, it is a question of Google Chrome (What a surprise!), Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi et Ungoogled. I don’t know about the “Ungoogled” browser but reading its name I thought it would be against Google’s principles. Finally, these results confirm what we already knew more or less, but at least we now have additional arguments and concrete tests.

The tests are very numerous, so I invite you to consult the site PrivacyTests.org.

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