Windows 10 22H2 - Déploiement à grande échelle

Windows 10 22H2 ready for large-scale deployment!

Last October, Microsoft released Windows 10 22H2, a major new release for Windows 10 but with few new features. Now, Microsoft believes this version is ready for large-scale deployment.

This new version of Windows 10 is especially interesting for individuals and companies who do not yet want to switch to Windows 11. Although this is a major version, new features are rare (and Microsoft is quite discreet on the subject). Nevertheless, I find that it is especially interesting from a support point of view.

Indeed, for Windows 10 22H2 Home and Pro, Microsoft will provide updates for 18 monthswhile for the Enterprise and Education editions it is support for 30 months. Something to take your time and let Windows 11 mature.

Now, Microsoft will accelerate the deployment of this new version of Windows 10 since it will be offered to all compatible Windows 10 devices and on Windows 10 20H2 or higher! On the official site, we can read : “Windows 10 feature update, version 22H2, is entering its final rollout phase and is now slated for broad rollout.”

This is not surprising in the sense that, according to the official documentation of the Redmond firm, Windows 10 21H1 will end of life on December 13, 2022. In December, this version of Windows will receive its latest updates. For Windows 10 22H1, users have a little more time.

While the Windows 11 21H2 system has already been ready for large-scale deployment since May 2022, the latest version of Windows 11 is not yet. To benefit from Windows 11 22H2, you have to go through the manual search in Windows Update.


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