Windows 11 22H2 - Bug performances copie gros fichiers

Windows 11 22H2 – Performance issues with large files

Windows 11 22H2 users are impacted by a new issue that concerns copying large files, especially with the SMB protocol. Microsoft is working on this bug in order to offer a solution to users.

Throughan official post, Microsoft, through Ned Pyle, has confirmed that there are issues with copying large files on Windows 11 22H2. In fact, it reads:There is a performance hit in 22H2 when copying large files from a remote computer to a Windows 11 computer.” – We are talking here about large files of several Gigabytes, and if we copy this same file to a machine that is not running on Windows 11 22H2, the problem does not arise.

In terms of performance, we are talking abouta loss of throughput of about 40% under Windows 11 22H2which is not negligible and can considerably increase the transfer time of certain files.

Although the example of the SMB protocol is given, this bug is not exclusive to the transfer of files on the network in SMB. In effect, users may experience performance hits even when copying local files.

What is Microsoft’s solution?

While waiting to find a solution, via a patch for example, Microsoft offers its users to copy large files with the command line, either with Robocopy or Xcopy, by adding the “/J” option. Here is an example :

robocopy \\someserver\someshare c:\somefolder somefile.ned /J

Currently, there is also a problem with Remote Desktop connections on Windows 11 22H2, as I mentioned in a previous article. A little less recently, there had also been a performance problem with video games on machines equipped with an NVIDIA graphics card.


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