Windows 11 22H2 - Enhanced Phishing Protection

Windows 11 strengthens Windows password protection!

The new version of Windows 11, namely Windows 22H2, comes with a new advanced anti-phishing protection feature. The goal is to warn users when they enter their Windows passwords in an unsecured application or on a website. Optional, this feature is disabled by default.

Microsoft wants to help you protect your login credentials to your Windows session because they are precious: an attacker who recovers your password can access your account and this can have serious consequences… The latest cyberattacks are there to remind us the importance of protecting user accounts.

With the new feature “Enhanced Phishing Protection“, Microsoft wants Windows 11 to display an on-screen alert when the user enters their password in an application such as Notepad, a Word document or an Excel style sheet. This applies to insecure applications, i.e. applications that are not made to store passwords. This also applies to unsecured websites, for the purpose of fight against phishing attacks.

How to activate this Windows password protection?

Only available on Windows 11 22H2, this feature is disabled by default. Attention, small important precision: it can only apply to accounts where Windows Hello is not used to log inso for example, if you log in with a PIN, it won’t work.

To activate it, follow this path: Settings > Privacy & Security > Windows Security > App & browser control > Reputation-based protection > Reputation-based protection settings.

Here under “Anti-phishing protection“, you can find two new options:

  • Notify me of password reuse
  • Warn me about insecure password storage

The first option allows you to be alerted if you reuse your Windows password on a website, either a legitimate site or a malicious site. The objective is not to reuse your Windows password on external access. For example, if you use your Windows password to also log in on Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever other site, an alert will be displayed!

The second option is used to generate an alert if the password is entered in an application such as Word, Excel, etc…

Windows 11 22H2 - Advanced anti-phishing protection

Sure enough, after entering the password in Notepad, the alert below will immediately appear on the screen.

Windows 11 22H2 - Password Protection

This new security-oriented feature of Windows 11 22H2 is interesting, especially for users who can sometimes get lost and do not respect basic security rules. I am thinking in particular of the alert that will be generated in Excel because this application is often used to store passwords (unfortunately).


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