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Windows Admin Center – How to authorize WinRM via HTTP?

I. Presentation

This troubleshooting article is for anyone who checked the “Use WinRM over HTTPS only” option when installing Windows Admin Center and who is having trouble administering hosts remotely, due to a WinRM error.

WAC - WinRM connection error

When installing Windows Admin Center, you can check the option “Use WinRM over HTTPS only“: even if it starts from a good intention to use only encrypted connections, it is not necessarily ideal to start. Indeed, if the machines you want to administer are not configured to use WinRM in HTTPS with a certificate, then it will not be possible to manage them with Windows Admin Center. By default, WinRM works in HTTP.

Here is the option I am referring to:

Windows Admin Center - WinRM HTTPS Only

As a reminder, Windows Admin Center is a free solution offered by Microsoft that allows you to administer your Windows machines through a web portal : both on-premise servers, servers in Azure and workstations. The future of this tool is promising and Microsoft releases new versions regularly.

When we encounter this error message, we may have the reflex to try to connect with Enter-PSSession and see that it works! This is normal since this command will connect in HTTP, so if WinRM is active opposite, the connection will work!

We will see how to disable “Use WinRM over HTTPS only” option because it is not offered in the options of Windows Admin Center. Fortunately, the registry will allow us to adjust the configuration.

II. WAC: disable “Use WinRM over HTTPS only” option

We need to adjust a value in the Registry and we will proceed with PowerShell. However, you can do the same through the GUI with Regedit.

Open a PowerShell console as administrator and run this command:

Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ServerManagementGateway" -Name WinRMHTTPS

This command should return the value “1” for WinRMHTTPS. Like this :


If this is not the case and you are already on 0, bad news: your connection problems do not come from there! In case “WinRMHTTPS = 1”, you should set this value to 0:

Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ServerManagementGateway" -Name WinRMHTTPS -Value 0

With this small modification in the config of Windows Admin Center (taken into account immediately), you should be able to connect to your servers through “WinRM over HTTP” ! All you have to do is test! When your infrastructure is ready to work with “WinRM over HTTPS”, you can reactivate this option!

If you need to troubleshoot further, you can follow this article:

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