Windows Server 2022 - Installer les outils RSAT

Windows Server 2022 – Install RSAT Tools

I. Presentation

In this tutorial, we will see how to install the administration tools (RSAT) on a Windows Server 2022 server, with the graphical interface, but also PowerShell.

Very often, the administration consoles are installed at the same time as the role being deployed on a server. For example, when you deploy the Active Directory role, you benefit (thanks to the default choice) from different consoles: Active Directory Administration Center, Active Directory Users and Computers, Active Directory Sites and Services, etc… Nevertheless , when we deploy an administration server to manage its infrastructure, we must also be able to benefit from these consoles. This is all the more useful for administering a server installed in “Core” mode, ie without a graphical interface.

Today, there is the Windows Admin Center solution which is more and more complete, as versions are released, but the classic consoles remain very useful.

II. Install RSAT Tools with GUI

To install the RSAT tools on a server, in this case under Windows Server 2022, you can go through the wizard “Add roles and features“available in the”server manager“under the button”To manage“.

With this wizard, in step “Features“, you have the option to choose the administrative tools you want to install under:

  • Feature admin tools
  • Role administration tools

The example below shows that there is a category for each role: ADDS, Hyper-V, WSUS, etc… So you must check the necessary boxes, depending on the servers to be administered.

Install RSAT Tools with GUI

Continue until the end to launch the wizard…

III. Install RSAT Tools in PowerShell

PowerShell is also capable of allowing you to install the RSAT tools. Each console has a long name (Display Name) which is visible with the wizard mentioned above, as well as a technical name, which is useful for installing in PowerShell. For all administration tools, the name starts with “RSAT”.

Therefore, we can list all the consoles available with this command:

Get-WindowsFeature | Where{ $_.Name -like "RSAT-*" }

Which gives this:

Install RSAT Tools with PowerShell

When the box is checked, the console is installed. Moreover, in this case the property “Install State“takes the value”Installed“. We can refine our previous filter… Here is how to list all the consoles relating to the Active Directory:

Get-WindowsFeature | Where{ $_.Name -like "RSAT-ad*" }

Next, you need to locate the names of the RSAT tools to install and trigger the install command. In the command, separate each name with a comma. Here is an example :

Add-WindowsFeature -Name RSAT-AD-PowerShell,RSAT-ADDS

This command will install the PowerShell Active Directory module, as well as the following consoles:

  • Centre d’administration Active Directory
  • Active Directory Domains and Trusts
  • ADSI Edit
  • Sites et services Active Directory
  • Active Directory Users and Computers

If you also need the “DNS” console, which is quite possible if you have an Active Directory with a DNS server under Windows, also install the “RSAT-DNS-Server” console.

Add-WindowsFeature -Name RSAT-DNS-Server

IV. Conclusion

Easy handling, but to know: you have just learned how to install the administration tools on a Windows Server server! The procedure is similar on different versions of Windows, although I took the most recent version in this example.

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