Windows Terminal 1.16 Preview

Windows Terminal 1.16 supports themes!

Microsoft has released a new preview version of Windows Terminal and this version comes with a long-awaited feature allowing you to create your own themes to customize the interface.

As a reminder, Windows Terminal is a Microsoft application that allows you to use the different consoles (Windows PowerShell, PowerShell, Command Prompt, Azure Cloud Shell, SSH, etc.) from a single interface capable of open several consoles at the same time thanks to a system of tabs.

As usual, it’s Kayla Cinnamon who published a new article to discuss the new features of Windows Terminal. The main novelty is the possibility of being able to create custom themes by editing the JSON configuration file. Then, when a theme is declared in this configuration file, it can be selected in the Windows Terminal settings.

In her article, Kayla Cinnamon states: “themes is a global property that can contain different themes, which will appear in the Theme drop-down list on the Settings UI Appearance page.”. Indeed, after creating a theme, it appears in the drop-down list of application options.

Windows Terminal - Create a theme

Here is an example for declaring a theme:

            "name": "IT-Connect",
                "background": "#0192C9FF",
                "showCloseButton": "always",
                "unfocusedBackground": null
                "background": "#006184",
                "unfocusedBackground": "#061612FF"
                "applicationTheme": "dark"

This theme system should expand later and support additional settings. Personally, I didn’t manage to declare a wallpaper image in this block, but always using the “backgroundImage“within section”profiles” used to declare consoles (see this tutorial).

Windows Terminal - Theme

Otherwise, this new version defines the “dark” theme by default instead of resuming system settings. Microsoft has also revised a few default theme colors. The “Color Schemes” section also includes a new layout.

Windows Terminal - Color Schemes

To benefit from the section “themes” in its configuration file, it is necessary to use Windows Terminal Preview 1.16. This version is available on Github or directly in the Microsoft Store. On your computer, you can install the stable version and the preview version in parallel because it is These are two separate apps.


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