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WordPress could officially support SQLite!

To set up a site under WordPress, you must have a MySQL / MariaDB instance. This requirement may change later as the WordPress team considers official SQLite support. What does it change ?

As a reminder, WordPress is a CMS, that is to say a content management system which is used to create websites: whether it is a simple blog, a site with thousands of views per day, or a e-commerce, it is possible to rely on WordPress. This system is very flexible, as it is customizable using themes and extensions, and it benefits from a very large community. Today, almost any type of website can be made with WordPress!

Ari Stathopoulos, one of the WordPress contributors, posted a blog post in which he explains that WordPress may officially support SQLite in the near future. He explains that MySQL is not suitable for certain WordPress usage scenarios, such as small personal blogs, corporate showcase sites, etc. And that it would be more beneficial touse SQLite, as these sites are “more static” and they don’t have thousands of entries to manage.

« Ideally, WordPress would allow us to choose the database type during installation. This could be done using an installation guide, or a simple constant in wp-config.php »

This wouldn’t be new, as other systems support both MySQL and SQLite allowing the user to choose when getting started. It is important to choose when installing the CMS, so as not to need to migrate the data afterwards, so it must be integrated into the Core of WordPress, and not via a plugin. Currently, it seems that there are already techniques to use WordPress with SQLite but it is not officially supported.

WordPress: the advantages of SQLite

In his article, Ari Stathopoulos cites the advantages of SQLite:

  • Better performance on low-end servers and environments
  • Growth potential of WordPress in markets where it does not have access due to system requirements
  • Growth potential in the hosting market using installation “scenarios”
  • Reduced power consumption – increased sustainability for the WordPress project
  • Continuing WordPress’ mission to “democratize publishing” for everyone
  • Easier to contribute to WordPress – download the files and run the built-in PHP server with no further configuration required
  • Easier to use automated test suite
  • Sites can be “portable” and standalone

SQLlite is powerful, but it has some limitations: only one process at a time can write to the database and it does not support replication. These two constraints are completely in line with the fact that it is suitable for small sites.


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